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Update (26/07/2015): Apologies for recent downtime. An issue with the previous hosts (RunAbove) shut my account down for "non payment", after the server bill was paid.
Stats and other data may be incorrect or broken, I tried my best to get everything working 100% again. Downloads will also return at a later date.

Note: Data that uses a API gets cached for at least 30 minutes to reduce load, in the case that the API is down or a limit has been reached we will attempt to show cached content (if any)

This project is a follow up of the old Hypixel Stats tool I previously created.

Version: 3.3.1 - Created By Connor Linfoot - Changelog
MC Tools is not affiliated with Mojang, Spigot, Bukkit or Hypixel Network in any way. Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang.
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